Poco's Pastures, LLC

    Allow me to introduce Poco Trigo, he is a 32 year old buckskin, Quarter Horse gelding.  I have had the pleasure of his company for almost 16 years now.  He is a very special horse...at least to me!  He has a history of barrel racing, pole bending as well as being a 4-H horse for awhile. So when we bought this property and moved Poco here to live out the rest of his life with us, we saw first hand what great pasture did for our older gentleman.  That is how the idea of starting a boarding stable that catered to the older equine came to be, so Poco's Pastures was born.  Our experience has been that the idea of a boarding stable that caters to the needs of the older horse, without sending your equine companion across the country or having to pay outrageous board every month, has been very well received. We strive to be as much of a "natural" horse environment as possible, with lots of pasture to graze on, shelters to get out of the weather and fresh water in every pasture.  *Stalls available for those cold winter nights.  50 beautiful and gently rolling acres with minimal woods, just wide open pastures.  We have multiple pastures (approx)   1 acre, 7 acres, 19 acres and 20 acres.  We have a pasture to fit your horse's needs.  Shelter and fresh water always available.  Property owners live on premises so horses have constant qualified supervision. 



On December 15, 2009 at 9:15 am I lost my beloved Poco to simple old age.  He went peacefully and I was with him as he left this world, I will always be grateful that we were able to say our goodbyes.   I will always love and miss this big, gentle and goofy guy with all of my heart.   Rest in peace big man--I was blessed to have you in my life and I am a better "horse" person because of your guidance and love!


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We are located approximately 50 miles East of Cincinnati, Ohio in Brown County just a few miles north of the Ohio River. Call/email for exact address or directions to come and take a tour of our facility.